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The Basics of Manifestation

How to start manifesting your ideal life.

So you may have heard about manifestation, or the law of attraction, before. Or maybe you've tried to implement this into your life already, but you feel you've fallen short. In this post, I'm going to outline the basic principles and steps of manifestation so that you can start immediately reaping the benefits.

I'll start by saying that literally anyone can use the powers of manifestation in their life. In fact, you're already doing it. The key is to do it consciously in a way that benefits you and your dreams.

So let's get started.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we focus on will manifest itself into our lives. This means that if we focus on joy, health and abundance our life will be full of joy, health and abundance. This abundance can be material wealth, inspiring relationships, an abundance of healthful foods and experiences - the sky really is the limit. This is also true for negative things - if we focus on our "lacks", on not having enough money, or success, or meaningful relationships, we are simply inviting more of that lack into our lives.

The Universe is constantly trying to give you what you are thinking about. Everything on this planet and beyond (including you) is made of energy. The Universe is constantly looking to bring energies together that are alike. So if you are focused on positivity, you'll notice that your life will become positive. The opposite is also true. Positive energy vibrates at a high frequency, so it's important that our energy vibrates similarly.

What you need to know about high vibrations

So once you've gotten your frequency turned all the way up, you can begin manifesting your desires knowing that the Universe is going to work its butt off to get you the things you want. Its simply the Law of Attraction at work.

Step 1: Become clear about what you want

The Universe is going to bring you the things you think about, right? So this means you've got to be very specific about what you want. The more vague you are the harder it is to ensure that you're going to be getting exactly what you're asking for. An easy way to get clear on your dreams is to write them down. Write down every single detail. Don't say "I want to be rich". Instead, saying something like "I will make $100 000.00 by this time next year". Don't worry about being "realistic". This is your dream life.

Step 2: Visualize this new future

To send the Universe a complete picture of your desires, visualize your life as if you already have everything you want. Imagine what your life is like with a three-figure income. What are you going to do with the money? Will you buy a new house, a new car? Imagine waking up in your new home and heading to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. See the morning light flooding into this room in your new home. Will you travel? Where to? Try to imagine the scents and sounds of the exotic places you'll visit, the unique experiences you'll have while you're there. How will having this money make you feel? Will you feel secure and relaxed knowing you won't be stressed over paying bills? How will this money effect the people in your life? Will you donate to charities? Again, be as specific as possible. Feel free to write all of this down, and remember to pretend you already have it. Use "I am" statements instead of "I will".

Use these statements as positive affirmations, and speak them aloud every day. Write these affirmations down and tape them to your mirror, or above your bed. Place them in your wallet, or use them as your phone's lock screen. Make sure that you are feeling and internalizing them every day.

Ever hear of a vision board? Give it a try! Collect images of the things you want to manifest. Vision boards can be a powerful tool to helping you truly envision the life you want.

Step 3: Practice Gratitude

This step is important for living a good life whether you are consciously trying to manifest your dreams or not. By practicing gratitude we open ourselves up to experience true happiness. This is a crucial factor in tuning our frequency to a higher channel. Take note of what you are thankful for each and every day. Even if it seems small, don't take anything for granted. The more you focus on the things in your life that you love, the more things like that will show up in your life. I'm a big fan of the gratitude journal. Every day, try to write down a few things you are grateful for. It could be your loving relationship, the good food in your fridge, a restful day off, a show that made you laugh, the cute footprints a bird left in the snow on your balcony - literally anything. If you are having a hard time thinking of things, just keep practicing. You'll find this exercise gets easier the more you do it.

Step 4: Letting go

This is perhaps the hardest step of all. In order to manifest your desires, you need to have complete faith in the Universe. You have to deeply and fully believe that the Universe is working around the clock to bring you what you want. This means not being concerned with how or when these good things will happen. Everything in the Universe happens as it should, when it should. So if things are taking longer than you'd like, just remember that you will receive everything you want when the timing is right. If you experience a setback at work, or in a relationship, learn to see it as a new opportunity pointing you in the direction of your ideal life. The Universe doesn't make mistakes. And there are many different roads that will take you from point A to point B. This step makes life an adventure, full of excitement and joy.

Step 5: Get to work

Now that you know what you want your future to look like, how are your actions today impacting that future? Do they line up with what you want? This is all about taking the steps towards the future you want. As long as you are following the steps above, practicing positive thinking and gratitude, opportunities will appear all around you - The Universe will practically throw them into your path. It's up to you to be paying attention. As long as you're open to these signs, you'll notice them constantly. The next step is to take action with those signs. Throw caution to the wind and jump into new opportunities. As long as they align with your beliefs and feelings, you won't be led astray. Even if it doesn't go the way you think it should, know that the Universe put it in your path for a reason.

Other things to consider:

- Give whatever it is you want to receive. The energy of the Universe is all about give and take. There has to be balance for energy to flow freely. I'll use the example of money again: Because everything is energy, this means money is also energy. By hoarding your money and trying to hold onto it, you're stopping the flow of that money energy in your life. By recognizing that money is simply energy that flows in and out of your life, you will also recognize that giving it away freely invites even more money into your life. This keeps the abundance of the Universe circulating in your life.

- Find your purpose and use it to benefit the world. This one might be a little trickier than the other things I've included in this post, but it's just as important. A great way to bring your ideal life into fruition is to find your unique talent, the thing you do that you love, and use it to help others. This will keep the flow of good things going.

I hope this has helped make the (sometimes) overwhelming concept of manifestation a little easier for you. I can't even begin to express how much of a difference these things have made to my life.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I'd love to chat about it.

- Sarah

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