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High Vibrations

How to tune your energy to a higher frequency.

Everything on our earth and beyond is made of energy, all vibrating at unique frequencies. This includes ourselves, the people we meet and the environments we find ourselves in. Based on the Law of Attraction, energy is attracted to other energy that is vibrating at the same frequency.

More on the Law of Attraction here.

An easy way to think of it is this: positive things vibrate at higher frequencies, negative things vibrate at lower frequencies. Our goal is to get our vibrations as high as possible so that we can live a life of abundance and joy.

But if you've never looked at yourself and your surroundings as vibrating clusters of energy before, this task might seem a little daunting. How on earth can you change your vibration to attract high vibe things?

There are dozens of ways to increase your frequency, so I'll list my favorites below. Just remember that there are infinite ways to achieve this goal. Once you get used to tuning into yourself and assessing where your frequency's at, you'll get better at realizing which things are bringing you down, and which are lifting you up.

- Practice daily gratitude, or keeping a gratitude journal. This helps you take stock of how many amazing things are happening in your life. Write down things that you are grateful for every day, no matter how small they are, and see these things appear in your life more often.

- Meditate daily. The daily practice of meditation does wonders for both the mind and body. It can be very tricky at first, so start small and keep at it. I downloaded the app Headspace when I got started and I found it incredibly helpful. After just a few days I noticed that my creativity was flowing and I was a lot calmer and more focused.

- Get out into nature. Being with nature is crucial for our spirits. I currently live in a very urban environment, so finding nature that I could immerse myself was a little challenging at first. But even just stopping to notice how beautiful a flower is, or how the sunset looks can do wonders for our vibrations.

- Love yourself. This means taking care of your physical body through movement and nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water. It also means taking care of your spirit - be gentle with yourself, recognize that you are allowed to make mistakes, and allow yourself to feel all of your emotions.

- Nurture your mind. Never stop learning! Take a class in something that's always interested you. Read a book filled with new ideas that will inspire you. Listen to podcasts. Whatever it is, enjoy giving your mind the stimulation it needs.

- Create! Whether it be art, or music, poetry, a new room layout, a journal entry or a fun meal. Do something creative and enjoy the process, even if you aren't good at.

- Surround yourself with people who raise your vibrations. You'll know right away who those people are. If you leave an interaction feeling inspired and excited and happy, you've found someone worth keeping around.

- Clean up your social media accounts. If you find yourself scrolling through content on Instagram/Facebook/Whatever that makes you feel uninspired or downright miserable, know that you are absorbing that content and it is lowering your vibrations. I recently did a purge on my Instagram, unfollowing accounts that felt shallow or made me feel badly about myself. Obviously you won't be able to consume only good information on the internet, and it's important to stay informed on what's happening in the world. Just make sure you are consuming more positive than negative information on the web.

- Be charitable. Whether it's with your time, money or presence. Giving to others is an amazing way to raise your vibrational energy. Give freely and joyfully, with no thought to what you might be receiving in return. Make others feel happy and you will feel happy.

- Drink less alcohol. Alcohol vibrates at a super low frequency, which probably isn't a surprise to anyone. By consuming alcohol in large quantities, you are lowering your vibes.

Focus on the positive and amazing aspects of life. Choose to see opportunity and humor where you might have found struggle before.

This is not to say that everything your life will be rainbows and butterflies. You will have negative thoughts and judgments, and seemingly terrible things will happen in your life. The key is in how you respond to these thoughts and events. Allow yourself to feel bad emotions, but don't set up camp there. Thank negative thoughts and feelings for coming into your life, because they are certainly there to teach you something. And then move on.

Good luck! Reach out if you have any questions

- Sarah

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